5 Ways to smell-proof your vaping

Vaporizes and Smell Vaporization is less smelly than the process of combustion, but it definitely creates an odor. If you are in a situation where using a vaporizer will mean getting kicked out of school, put in jail, or getting fired than we would recommend not doing so. Vaporizers produce odors when warming up, being loaded, used, and stored away. The odor that is omitted from the vaporizer will be similar to the smell of your herbs. Accessories used along with the vaporizer will also get smelly. Materials made of silicone will be affected by smell the longest - some require replacement after months of usage. Here is 5 ways you can contain vaporizer odors.
  1. Carbon Activated Sploof Using a carbon activated sploof works well with reducing the smell when you are vaping. The trick is to exhale an extra time into the sploof to push out the remaining vapor.
  2. Silicone Whips  When I get a whiff of the wonderful fragrance of my herbs, It's often times the result of my whip being left out. These whips are usually made of silicone, a material that can absorbs smells really well. To avoid the odor makes sure to store the silicone whip within a smell proof bag after using it.
  3. Window Fans Exhaust fans that you can attach to your window are the ultimate way to remove smell from a room; however, the smell will travel outside. You can also setup a little fan blowing outside. This is a great way to get rid of smell in a room .
  4. Portable A/C Unit Some portable A/C units are able to blow air outside. This makes it possible to vape discreetly in a room when you are vaping next to it.
  5. Remember to bring a towel If you absolutely cannot have the smell traveling to the other side - Make sure to use a towel and wedge it under the door. Remember that if someone is looking under the door from outside, they can see the towel.