Best Storage Container

What is the best container to use? 

When it comes to your botanical what is the best container to use? The first thing that comes to mind is the material of the container. Certain materials can leach away at your herb's active ingredients.


Plastic can leach your Herbs 

A good example of this is plastic and how it is able to leach trichomes from medical cannabis. If you store your medical cannabis in a plastic container, the trichomes would actually get caught by the plastic when the herb is rolling around in the container - resulting in less overall active ingredients.

Humidity ensures your herbs stay fresh

Another good factor to consider are the humidity levels within the container. Humidity has to do with the level of moisture in the air within your container. You can directly measure this with the proper tool. In order to change the humidity levels within your container you can add a boveda humidity pack.


Boveda's 62% works best for my botanicals.


Keep away from light

Light is also an important factor to consider. Certain botanical products degrade when exposed to light. These herbs will require a container that protect it from light, or requires the container to be stored somewhere with little to no light.


Airtight Container

How airtight a container is can actually determine how long you can keep your materials in there. If your container is airtight like a mason jar, you can actually keep alot of the terpenes within your herbs from escaping due to contact with air. Like light, air can actually speed up the process in which your herbs goes from fresh to stale. The air left inside a mason jar after sealing it with the herb inside can degrade the herb quality over time.

Vacuum Sealer Pump

If you are storing the herbs for a long time it is advisable to pump out the air within the mason jar with a vacuum pump - like this one from foodsavers.

These are some of the main factors when looking for a container. In a future post I will go into which exact jars I use and for what purpose.