Guide to Micro Dosing with the VapeXhale EVO

How to Micro-dose with the VapeXhale EVO

When it comes to the world of cannabis, dosing can be a very tricky. Micro dosing is a method where you take very small doses in order to lower your tolerance. In this short little guide, I will provide you with some instructions on how to micro dose with the VapeXhale Cloud EVO using a custom made Herb Chamber.

ELB Hack
Over the weekend I found out about a really cool trick with the VapeXhale EVO. Admittedly, I broke all of my ELBs due to how rough I was being with taking them out from the EVO. I was vaping one day, looking through my little vape container for suitable replacements for my ELBs, when I found an old elbow screen for my Arizer Extreme Q - I hadn't own one in a long time.

I only broke the bottom portion of the ELB so I still have the little cap part. I tried placing the cap on top of the Arizer elbow screen, but it would fit extremely loose. The solution to this is to alter the structure of the top screen by gently squeezing it until it created a little bulge. Use this bulge as friction to hold it in place when putting it on an extreme Q screen.

Be happy with less
I've been using these small bowls to micro dose with the VapeXhale. They are significantly smaller than the ELBs, but still produce quite an experience. At 2:00, I can one hit this bowl pretty easily. Over time you are able to train yourself to be satisfied with less. Give it a try with your EVO. Cheers!