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The Herbalizer is the fastest desktop vaporizer that you will probably use. If you are tired of waiting for a vaporizer to heat up, than this vape is perfect for you.

Made by Ex-Nasa engineers, the Herbalizer heats up in under 30 seconds – with the average being around 15. That is faster than it takes to setup a Volcano Digital. Unlike the Volcanos, the Herbalizer can be used with either a whip or balloon. This neat little device also comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Herbalizers also have a very consistent temperature gauge that can heat your material within +/- 5°F instantly. Here is my review of the Herbalizer.


At the core of the Herbalizer is a 300W halogen lightbulb. This bulb is able to heat up to 445F in under 30s. The surface of the galss bulb reaches up to 800F. While the unit is on, it will continue to re-heat to make sure the temperature is consistent. The highly sensitive heat sensor is between the lamp and safety screen. This sensor is position in a way that enables it to read the hot air right before it hits your magnetic bowl. You are able to control the temperature digitally on its LCD screen.



Squeeze Valve Balloons: This device allows you to use your Herbalizer with a bag. It has a simple to use silicone valve that you squeeze to let out the vapor. The silicone mouthpiece is made of medical-grade silicone.


Silicone Whip: The Herbalizer features a 3 feet medical-grade white silicone whip. It is not too long, but not too short either. It cools down the vapor perfectly; however, over time it tends to adulterate the taste due to silicone as a material.


Aromapads: These stainless steel pads are designed for maximum airflow and safety. You can use these steel pads for any essential oil or concentrate. When using with essential oils, you place the oil pad within the outer shell of the Herbalizer. When using with concentrates, you place the oil pad inside your magnetic bowl.


Magnetic Bowl: The Magnetic bowl is where you place your herbs or aromapads. It has a stainless steel interior with a silicone exterior. It magnetically snaps into place when placed on the heating chamber.

Stash Container: The Stash container is located right beneath the outer shell of the Herbalizer. I personally use mine for an ABV container.


Grinder Card: This neat little contraption is neat to have when you find yourself without a grinder. It is designed like a cheese grator that fits into your pocket.

Glass Steamroller: This is a newly released accessory that makes the Herbalizer hit smoother. The Steamroller is a 9 inch hand-blown glass attachment with the Herbalizer logo on it. This accessory doesn’t use water; it makes the vapor smoother through providing surface area for the vapor to cool down. The glass acts like a giant heatsync for vapor.

Form Factor 

Most people would describe the Herbalizer’s shape as an egg. In fact, some of my friends call my Herbalizer the Egg. The outer shell is made mostly of plastic. It has a nice pearlescent type of grey paint that is smooth to the touch. When you open the outer shell you will be greeted by the little LCD screen. The people behind the Herbalizer programmed little messages to display on the LCD.

Hidden beneath the outer shell is a secret stash location. You will find a little nook with a white stash container. You can store your goodies within this little box. Underneath is a herb credit card grinder. A big advantage is the fact that the Herbalizer is way more discreet than the Volcano. This device can pass as either a bluetooth speaker or humidifier. The Herbalizer also sports a removable power cord; however, the power cord is proprietary and you have to get them from Herbalizer.

How To Use

The Herbalizer is very simple unit to use. To turn the unit on, open the lid. You will be presented with two usage style: Aromatherapy or Vaportherapy. If you are using the Herbalizer with a balloon, whip, or glass attachment, you will want to use the Vaportherapy. The Aromatherapy is typically used when you want to infuse your room with a particular product.

Click the Vaportherapy button and select the appropriate temperature with the + and – button. After selecting the appropriate temperature, wait until the unit heats up. It will be ready when your desired temperature is displayed in the LCD. If you are using the Silicone whip than place it onto the magnetic bowl. Than take a deep even draw to get the most out of the Herbalizer.

Optionally, you can click the middle fan button while taking a draw to increase the vapor output. If you are using the balloon feature than place the silicone mouthpiece of the balloon onto the magnetic bowl. After it is secure, press the middle fan button to begin filling the bag. Once the bag is full, remove it from the magnetic bowl and begin inhaling on the silicone bag while squeezing the silicone valve.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The main thing that you will have to maintain with the Herbalizer are the magnetic bowls. To clean the bowl, pop out the stainless steel screens and wipe the bowl down with a Q-tip dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol (the higher the % the better). Repeat until clean. Screens will need to be replaced to keep the unit functioning optimally. If the screens get too gunked up, place the screen in a glass container submerged under Isopropyl alcohol for 40 minutes. Rinse the screens thoroughly in warm running water.

Vapor Quality & Flavor

The Herbalizer has good to above-average taste. It features a fully convection based heater, so the flavor really comes out. After 5 to 6 full hits, the flavor starts to dip off. The Herbalizer is not for the cloud chasers. It is true that you can get good clouds at max temperature, but I am always left wishing for more. If you are a cloud chaser, I would recommend the VapeXhale Cloud EVO over the Herbalizer. Here is the link to my VapeXhale Cloud EVO review. The hits just aren’t as potent in comparison to the Cloud EVO. However, you will be done with multiple bowls by the time the EVO is finished heating.


I got one of the first batches of Herbalizers available for sale. Here is an unboxing video I made way back. I absolutely love the design of the Herbalizer’s box. It was very nice and chic. The whole design was purposeful and most importantly, it protected the Herbalizer well.


  • Fast Heat up Time
  • Versatile
  • Precision Engineering


  • Price
  • Cloud Density
  • Flimsy Outer Shell & buttons

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience with the Herbalizer. This unit has the fastest heat up time that I have ever experience; however, I tend to turn up my temperature to compensate for the wispy vapor production.
At a higher temperature than I’m used to with other vaporizers, this unit produces acceptable vapor production with good flavor.
The price of the Herbalizer is now $599. When I got my unit, it cost around $720 retail! That’s about $100+ more than the Volcano; however, at $599, this unit is decently priced. The main con you will notice with this unit is it’s flimsy outer shell and buttons. Firstly, the shell doesn’t really fit perfectly, nor does it snap into place. It is also made of a light weight plastic that doesn’t feel $600 bucks worth. Additionally, the + and – button are flimsy and may get stuck after months of usage.
This is probably the fastest vaporizer that exist in the industry, but it comes with some flaws.

Score 88/100

Am I missing something in my reviews? Please help by commenting questions and concerns down below.

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