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The VapeXhale EVO is one of my favorite desktop vaporizers. The EVO’s main distinction is how seamlessly it integrates with water tools. The creators crafted a unit that delivers consistently potent hits while efficiently vaporizing your herb. The following is my detailed review of the VapeXhale EVO.

thecloudvsevoIn 2012, VapeXhale released their first vaporizer, the Cloud. The Cloud was one of the first vaporizers to feature an all-glass airpath. This vaporizer was named “The Best Product” and “The Best Vaporizer” at the 20xx Cannabis Cup. In the industry, the Cloud quickly gained recognition for producing some of the thickest and tastiest clouds around.

For their new model, the EVO, VapeXhale wanted to upgrade the Cloud’s heater. The new heater warms up faster and retains heat for longer. The EVO also has an updated enclosure. The Cloud’s was metal; whereas, the EVO’s is plastic. I liked the high quality feel of the Cloud’s metal, but it made the device become way too hot. The new EVO enclosure doesn’t feel as luxurious, but it insulates heat fairly well.
The EVO also features a detachable power cord. Not only is the cord detachable, but it’s a pretty common cord – the same one you use to power your desktop computer. I’ve been in plenty of situations where I forgot the cord at home, but a buddy of mine happen to have an extra cord laying around.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo

Build Quality

This vaporizer is about 8 inches tall and 3″ wide. The unit is light weight (~11oz) , but feels durable at the same time. It has one power switch and a rotatable temperature dial.

The creators at VapeXhale wanted to create a vaporizer that works well with glass attachments. This is why all EVOs come equipped with a 18mm male glass joint. Furthermore, they created a line of glass specifically crafted for the VapeXhale series called HydraTubes.
HydraTubes are waterpipes designed to condition and cool down the vapor created from the VapeXhale; this results in less irritation and is encouraged if you are using this device with medical intentions.


When you purchase a VapeXhale you get to choose between a variety of kits. Typically, there is a standard kit that includes all of your basic accessories needed to operate the device plus a standard glass mouthpiece. You can also upgrade your kit to the ones that includes a HydraTube. I definitely recommend doing so because the experience of using a VapeXhale with a HydraTube is unmatched.
VapeXhale Cloud Evo


HydraTubes come in many different shapes and sizes. They are individually hand crafted, so availability may depend on the time of purchase. When I chose my hydratube, I had the choice between the turbine, honeycomb, and hydrabomb. Every hydratube has a percolator and each percolator performs differently.

The HydraBomb

The Hydrabomb features a matrix percolator. This percolator was popularized by the glass company Mobius in California. I own both a Mobius and a hydrabomb; they perform almost identical to one another. The Hydrabomb will give you a decent diffusion rate, with lots of flavor, and excellent draw resistance. Because there are so many slits in the percolator, it makes drawing from the device effortless.
The HydraHoneycomb
This hydratube features a honey comb percolator. With this percolator, you will get more diffusion than the Hydrabomb; however, you will have more draw resistance due to the design and physics of the percolator.
 The VapeXhale Turbine
This peculator has the least diffusion out of the two previously mentioned percolators. This tube produces a little more flavor, but has more of a drag to it.
VapeXhale Cloud Evo


ELB: The ELB stands for EZ Load Bowl. This herbal basket is made of stainless steel. The neat little device holds the herbs that you plan on vaporizing. Each ELB holds up to .3g of grinded material. This accessory is consumable, but if you take care of them well – they will last a long time. I like to pre-grind my herb, put them into multiple ELBs, and store them in a small glass jar for convenient usage later. The ELB is placed on top of the VapeXhale, in the 18mm male joint. Hot air from the core will be pulled through the herbal basket, creating the vapor that you inhale.

VapeXnails: The VapeXnail is an all-glass tool used to vaporize waxy substances. Each nail will have a little nook within the base; this is where your concentrates will go. Make sure to get all the concentrates within the nook – it will gently lay on top of the glass base. After loading the glass nail, you will place it into the VapeXhale’s 18mm male joint. When using the VapeXnail you must use the EVO upright. The hot core will heat up the VapeXnail which will cause the waxy substance inside to evaporate, creating the vapor that you inhale. It is important to note that when using the VapeXnail, your temperature will be quite a bit hotter than normal. This is because the nail is closer to the core than an ELB.

VapeXHeat Shield: If you find that your EVO gets a bit too hot to comfortably hold than you will want a VapeXHeat Shield. This little device is reminiscent of a beer coozie. It absorbs the heat generated by the core of the vape. I personally don’t use this accessory with my device. I wish it fits better and doesn’t slide off.


I had this Cloud EVO for a very long time. On valentines day, I bought this sweet little device as a present to myself. I was lucky enough to get the kit with a lot of sweet accessories and gifts.

Out of everything I got, the hydratube was my favorite. It was the hydrabomb and it featured a mean matrix peculator, the same one in my Mobius.


The EVO uses a ceramic heating element and a patented heating algorithm called “PerpetuHeat” Thermal Technology System. This system basically adjusts the temperature of the vaporizer based on the user’s inhalation habits, ensuring that the vaporized material is heated properly.

The EVO uses a convection based heating method to extract the desired essential oils from herb. This method in combination with the all-glass airpath is the best for flavor because it removes variables that can adulterate taste. This unit creates some of the most potent and dense clouds I have ever experience with any vaporizer.

The vaporizer takes around 3 minutes to heat up and has a 30 minute shut-off feature. The unit will blink red-green when it’s shutting off. The temperature is controlled using a radial dial.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo

How to Use

This unit is very easy to use. Flip on the switch and choose an appropriate temperature. You will notice a red light shooting out of the glass 18mm male joint. This means that the unit is heating up. Wait for about 3 minutes and light coming from the glass joint should turn green. I like to wait until the unit is done heating up before I place my ELB into the unit.

You will need to grind your herbs. The typical consistency you get with a Santa Cruz Shredder works great. You will take this grinded herb material and load it into the ELB, herb baskets. I like preloading these herb baskets for multiple sessions.

Place the ELB into the top of the male 18mm glass joint. You will now proceed to put the mouthpiece or hydratube on top of the EVO and then inhale.

Using concentrates is very similar. Everything is the same besides the way you load the materials into the EVO. You will be using the VapeXnail instead of the ELBs. Preload a little of the concentrate into the nook of the nail. Wait until your unit is up to temp. Drop the nail into the male joint of the EVO. Take some draws.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Keeping the ELBs and VapeXnails clean are your primary task. These two accessories get dirty the fastest. I have had success with cleaning the inside of the ELBs with a brush after every session. After 10 bowls, I will soak my ELBs in Isopropyl Alcohol (The higher the percentage, the better). After 10 minutes, I will remove the ELBs and rinse them in warm flowing water.
The VapeXnails are more tricky to clean. After 15 loads, I typically like to bump up my VapeXhale to the max temperature and leave the VapeXnail inside for 20 minutes. I find that this cleans the bottom pretty well. If your nail is still dirty, wait until it is cool than place the nail in ISO for an hour. Scrub the insides with a Q-Tip. If your VapeXnail still isn’t clean, I would recommend torching it as a last resort method for cleaning it. Make sure to be careful while doing this. The nail should be free of moisture and ISO.

After using the VapeXhale for a while, you will notice that the device itself will get dirty. To clean the VapeXhale, use a Q-Tip dipped in ISO and clean the inside of the 18mm male joint (Make sure the unit is not hot and is off). This will clean the device for the most part. The inner glass bamboo is quite difficult to clean. I still haven’t developed a good way to clean it.

The Hydratube is the last thing that you must clean. If you use anything, but water, I would recommend cleaning your hydratube after every use. If you use water than I would recommend dumping out the water after every use. To clean your hydratube, place ISO into the tube with some salt. Make sure you are in a ventilated area. Shake the contents inside vigorously for 5-10 minutes. Dump out the contents and make sure to flush well with water.

Alternatively, you can use grunge off, or any type of glass cleaner. I find that cleaning the water-catcher part of the hydratube harder. For this, I typically add a little water so the ISO + Salt contents will overflow into the water catcher part, then I shake the hydratube vigorously.


This device produces some of the most flavorful vapor that I had ever tasted. Some vapes tend to produce vapor without the visual clouds; however, the VapeXhale is different. It will produce tons of flavor and clouds. Making each hit a very satisfying experience. The reason why the flavor is so saturated has to do with the all glass construction. Because glass is an inert material, it doesn’t react or absorb foreign material – making it the best material for the airpath.

Efficiency jek7w8s

When I get rich potent clouds of vapor I’m usually concerned about the bowl being charred. However, the cloud evo is different. The ABV, already been vaped, leftovers are usually dark brown in color, but consistent across the bowl.


Overall, this is one of the best vaporizers in terms of health. It’s electronics are completely removed from the airpath, ensuring that there isn’t any unwanted off-gasing. The ELBs are created from high quality stainless steel. Temperature is controlled and monitored accurately.



  • Taste
  • Efficiency
  • Experience


  • Whistling noise
  • Heat
  • Fragile

The taste that this unit produces is amazing. Every hit creates such potent vapor – this in combination with an even abv consistency, reassures me that the unit extracts all of the essential compounds. The experience of using artisan grade glass HydraTubes is satisfying. This is a great unit.

There are some cons with this unit. When you draw hard enough, you can get an annoying whistling sound. The enclosure still gets significantly hot in some areas. The overall unit with its glass parts are fragile, so it is easy to break if not careful.

This is one of the best vaporizers on the market right now. I use mine almost everyday. However, it isn’t a perfect vaporizer. There are still some cons to consider.

Review video coming soon (Once I get my EVO fixed.)

Score 93/100 

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